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Project Description


BBContactThe bitboxx bbcontact module is a DNN module for providing a simple configurable contact form with easy setup and email notification. The minimum DNN Version for this module is 06.01.00 !


Whats new ?

Version 01.00.00 (13.08.2014):

  • Initial release


Install the module like every DNN module as a host account in System – Extensions or directly from the DNN Forge. After installation place a bitboxx bbcontact module on the page where you want to show the contact form.


You can even use the full form:


or just a part of it (see Settings):





The settings in detail:

Sender name Enter the name of the sender (e.g. "Contact Form on")
Sender email Enter the email address of the sender (e.g. "")
Send Email to Enter the email address to where the information of the contact form shoud be sended
Send copy to user Check if you want to send a copy to the user also
Subject Enter the Subject for the email. Use the following placeholders: [FIRSTNAME],[LASTNAME],[ORGANIZATION],[ADDRESS],[PHONE],[FAX],[EMAIL],[REMARK]
Mail body Enter the Mailtext for the Emailbody. Use the following placeholders: [FIRSTNAME],[LASTNAME],[ORGANIZATION],[ADDRESS],[PHONE],[FAX],[EMAIL],[REMARK]
Show fields Check which fields should be shown and which are mandatory to fill in.

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